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Sunday, 30 December 2012

PSC General English Questions

1. Nobody clapped for the speech.........bored us stiff.
(LDC Wayanad 2003)
(a) which
(b) who
(c) because
(d) when
Ans : Which

2. He is the best available.
(LDC TVM 2003)
(a) which
(b) that
(c) whom
(d) what
Ans : That

3.Children.......afraid of the dark.
(LDC Idukki 2003)
(a) were
(b) are
(c) am
(d) is
Ans : Are
4. I than a clerk.
(LDC Kannur 2003)
(a) less
(b) lesser
(c) few
(d) fewer
Ans : Less

5.I eyed man.
(LDC Palakkad 2003)
(a) that
(b) the
(c) a
(d) an
Ans : a
6. The opposed the motion..........was proposed by the rival group.
(LDC Kollam 2003)
(a) who
(b) which
(c) where
(d) when
Ans : Which

7.This is the matter.........I am proud.
(LDC Alappuzha 2003)
(a) which
(b) that
(c) who
(d) of which
Ans : of which

8. Stay..........
(LDC Kollam 2003 Rpt)
(a) when you are
(b) where you are
(c) that you are
(d) which you are
Ans : Where you are

9.Mary declared that the book was not.......
(LDC Kasargod 2003)
(a) our
(b) her
(c) your
(d) hers
Ans : Hers

10. How is that brother of...........?
(LDC Kannur 2003)
(a) your
(b) you
(c) yours
(d) your's
Ans : Your's
11.I have lost my...........of keys (LDC Idukki 2003)
(a) Collection
(b) group
(c) bunch
(d) pieces
Ans : Bunch

12. The hunter was attacked by a........of wolves.
(LDC Malappuram/Ernakulam 2003)
(a) herd
(b) gang
(c) pack
(d) flock
Ans : Pack

13.A group of men.........creating troubles
(LDC Kollam 2003 Rpt)
(a) was
(b) were
(c) being
(d) have been
Ans : Were

14.All his money........spent on the house
(LDC Kozhikode 2003)
(a) were
(b) have
(c) has
(d) was
Ans : Was

15.One of the persons killed in the accident........a friend of mine.
(LDC Thrissur 2003) 
(a) were
(b) are
(c) was
(d) had
Ans :  Were


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