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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Secretariat assistant ,Assistant Grade 2,Lowerdivision clerk-Model Exam-Computer

1.father of computer :
    ans:charies babage

2.internet came to force in india in the year:

3.standard using high level Language in  internet
    ans:java most computer operating system in the world
    ans:windows many  bits are in a  byte 
    ans:8 bits

6.which one is known as brain of computer 
    ans: c p u

7.most popularised computer chip manufacturing company in the world 
    ans:intel corporation

8.1st techno park estabished in india at 

9.super computer 'ANUPAM' developed in india by

10.computers are linked world wide for communication system is called

11.inventor of E -MAIL system is 
   ans:ray tomlinson

12.ROM stands for 
   ans:read only memory

13.DOS stands for 
   ans:disc operating system

14.VDU stands for 
   ans:Visual display Unit 

15.Extension code of excel files:

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